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Last night, Neil Gaiman came to my state, so we drove down to Lexington in time to hear him read from Ocean, answer questions, and give us a preview of Fortunately, The Milk, which comes out in September. He was an absolute delight to hear, between his voice, which is lovely, and his words, which were both amusing and thought provoking in equal measure. He spoke about not squashing children, and how it’s both difficult and the best thing to be a door, and how it wouldn’t be too much of a tragedy if the musicians next door that were nearly drowning him out fell into a sinkhole that closed up over them. He showed off a few things in his pockets, and when I gave him my letter, he said that it’d be in his coat pocket. He went on to tell me that now that he knows that these things end up in his coat, he’ll be able to read them and know who they’re from instead of finding them months after the tour ends. My friend Riss was there with me throughout the whole thing, and made it all the better for her presence.

Also, after the first few line letters were called up, some dancers from a studio nearby came to put on a show for us while we waited. They were gorgeous and so so talented - two women and one man belly dancing it up. Riss knew all the moves and their names and I was just enchanted by their talents.

Basically, Neil was the bomb diggity. He was warm and approachable and continues to have delightfully fluffy hair and a penchant for black t shirts

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